Sunday, 7 October 2012

Advertising Clutter

An average consumer is exposed to a large volume of advertising messages. This is because of the marketplace that is overcrowded with products leading to choice explosion for consumers. This is referred as marketing Clutter. The video gives a more clear definition along with the relevant examples.

This is a major problem for all kind of advertisers. All want to make a mark on the consumers but are unable to do so. In order to get noticed using conventional mass media a detailed attention is required towards the traditional advertising so that they are able to break through the clutter. Some of the ways in which advertisers can break through the clutter are: 

  1. Adding Appropriate Humor
  2. Using Characters & Situations that consumers can relate to
  3. Ads should not only convey information but also have a story line
  4. The advertisement should have life in it where proper conversations take place.
  5. Advertisers should try to establish an emotional connection with its consumers so that their brain can relate
The above points will just ensure that the advertiser is cutting through the clutter. In order to succeed in doing so, apart from the above points the advertisers need to come out with innovative ways of marketing so that they can leave an impact on their consumers.


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