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VALS Framework

Vals which is also known as values attitude and lifestyle is one of the primary ways to perform psycho-graphic segmentation of the consumers.Having an idea about the Values, Attitude and Life style of the consumer will definitely help the marketers and promoters to make products/services what the consumer wants and also communicate to them in a way that would attract the consumer. 

The term & framework are coined and designed by Social scientist and futurist Arnold mitchell. Arnold mitchell actually developed the vals framework to determine different classes of people who had varying values, attitudes and lifestyle. These people were determined by the resources they had at their disposal as well as the amount of primary innovation they could accept or create. 
As per the framework, there are 8 consumer types characterised as follows:

Innovator: High income and high resource individuals for whom independence is important
Thinker: High resources and are motivated by their knowledge
Believer: Lower resources and are less likely to accept innovation on their own
Achiever: High resource consumers and can adapt a brand faster
Striver: Values similar to achiever but with less resources
Experiencer: High resources but needs a mode of self expression
Maker: Want self expression but are limited by the number of resources they have
Survivor: Least resources and therefore the least likely to adopt any innovation

VALS Framework helps the marketers in the following areas:
  • New Product Development
  • Targeting: Positioning
  • Communications: Channel Planning

VALS types for GROUP-F
As per the survey available on the link:, Group F's results are is as follows:

The pie chart above shows that Group F has more of Strivers & Experiencer.

Customer Profiles

Strivers are trendy and fun loving. Because they are motivated by achievements, strivers are concerned about the opinions of others. Strivers are active consumers because shopping is both a social activity and an opportunity to demonstrate to peers their ability to buy. As consumers, they are as impulsive as their financial circumstance will allow.
Experiencers are motivated by self-expression. Young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers, Experiencers quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities but are equally quick to cool. They seek variety and excitement, savoring the new, the offbeat, and the risky. Their energy finds an outlet in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities.

Hence, to market a product to our group who are primarily Strivers & Experiencer, the marketing strategy to be followed is to motivate us using 'sense of Achievement.'

The following product and marketing strategy would appeal to typical Group-F:

Product Name: Maruti SX4

Promotion Strategy: Promotion of Maruti SX4 shows the sense of achievement by being trendy. Also, the product's advertisements show that the person who is the owner of the car is being held in higher esteem. 

How to reach us: In social gatherings, malls, in store promotions.

What can you offer us that appeals to us: Value for money & proof of having the sense of pride & achievement in owning the product

What type is not there in Group-F

Thinker is one type that is not present in Group-F.

Thinkers are motivated by ideals. They are mature, satisfied, comfortable, and reflective people who value order, knowledge, and responsibility. They tend to be well educated and actively seek out information in the decision-making process. They are well-informed about world and national events and are alert to opportunities to broaden their knowledge.
Thinkers have a moderate respect for institutions of authority and social decorum but are open to consider new ideas. Although their incomes allow them many choices, Thinkers are conservative, practical consumers; they look for durability, functionality, and value in the products that they buy.

Hence, to target these people, marketers should be careful enough to be able to validate and back up every word that is uttered in various communication channels for these consumers.
How to reach them: Through websites, PR activities, referrals, customer review websites.
What to offer to them that appeals them: Value for money, show good use of the product to them, warranty benefits, highlight any user feedback and test results of the product/service.

Examples of these products are: Samsung Galaxy Tab

Thus the vals framework can be used primarily to classify consumers based on their values, attitudes and lifestyle. Once the classification has been done, you know which types of customers you want to target.

Depending on your target customers vals, you can make up your marketing strategy and your promotional message such that it hits your audience at the right spot.


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