Sunday, 7 October 2012

TATA Teleservices

Product: TATA Teleservices

Target Audience: Indian masses specially women

Ad Agency: Ogilvy India

Concept: The TV Commercial opens with the scene of a very interesting “Relocation” buffer that goes on indicating the very crux of the advertisement. It is followed by a lady unpacking the stuff after shifting to a new place where her husband enters teasing her to forget the tiff they had also because she does not have anybody here to rely on, neither the Ramu kaka nor her Papa. Above all if she does not reconcile soon who would fix up her TATA Sky connection, but here enters the TATA employee informing her about her TATA Sky connection set up well.

Review: This TVC was successful in communicating the message that TATA SKY intends to as it captures the very motive of the company to emphasize on the fact that wherever you go and “Relocate” TATA Sky follows you and provides a full-fledged service of continuous connectivity with the network through “at your door” convenient service. The commercial is very well thought out in terms of the generally faced problem by the recently shifted and that too by the home maker whose most of the time is spent with the TV back at home.


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